Gertrud Welz


I was born in Telfs in Austria and I have been living in Rome since 1984.
I began to draw and paint in my childhood, at a very early age. In fact, I received my first lessons from my father, especially drawing, perspective and painting with water colors.
After my grandfather, porcelain painter, gave me all of his oil colors, this became my favorite technique and it is still so at the present time.

Gradually, I departed from the pure reproduction of landscapes and people, and I developed an individual style which I called Magical associativism.
The observer is invited to use their imagination to interpret the shapes and colors of an image. The representation wants to enchant, to bring into magical places.

In recent years I also created many black-and-white drawings, paintings with acrylic colors on canvas in addition to numerous oil paintings on canvas.

Recent participations:
– Medusa Aurea, Rome, 2019
– Europe Pavilion, Venice, 2019
– Premio della Lupa VII edizione, Rome, 2020
– Biennale dei Normanni, Monreale, 2020
– Fiera di Innsbruck, 2021